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2G Back Office Engineer

Posted by: SNS

Posted date: Sun, 16th Jun

Location: Saudi Arabia

The candidate is expected to have at least minimum 5 years solid background and experience on GSM network Ericsson product portfolio, which may include following:

Mandatory (Essentials, A Must)
•Perform all kind of Operation and Maintenance on AXE810 High capacity/High density BSC, EVO8200 BSC, APG43 and RBS.
•Good trouble shooting knowledge on AXE810 High capacity/High density BSC, EVO8200 BSC, APG40/43, Abis over IP sites and RBS6000.
•Handling of Trouble Tickets received from other departments.
•Perform daily routine Health Check of all BSCs.
•Re-parenting BSC and sites.
•Integration of new sites, Gb link and BSC Expansion work.
•Implement all Radio parameter changes requested by Optimization
•Run Performance and Health check after re-parenting of sites.
•Responsible for acceptance of new sites, definition and configuration in BSC.
•Integration or re-deployment of the VIP COW sites (Cell on Wheel).
•Participate to the special events in KSA (Hajj, Ramadan).
•Participate to the on call roster.
•Participate in technical discussions with the customer in order to gather product-related information.
•Help the customer to get more knowledge about Ericsson products by holding seminars and presentations of new or enhanced products and functionality.
•Be involved in trial projects for new products & features.
•Act as a mentor for the younger engineers
•Good knowledge in IP network (CCNA preferred)
•On-Call 24/7 roasted between team members.

Detail Job description
•Solving all AXE810 and EVO hardware faults (CP, RP’s, and APG40/APG43).
•Fixing APG40/APG43 problems, node change, double node restore disaster recovery external and panel alarms, and executing several procedure and solutions for APG40 problems.
•APG40/APG43 health check, Audit & Trouble report, CP/AP backups on tapes and restore from Tapes.
•Implement the required ACA upgrades and correction package loading for APG&CP using SMO,OPS from OSS tools.
•AXE810 APZ212 33C/ APZ212 55 EVO 8200 testing (RP communication test, forced EX selection CP-A/CP-B,FEX loading,..)
•Integration and test of new hardware magazine (eGEM, GEM,GDM-H,GDDM,ET4).
•Configuration and test of new boards expansion (EPB, RP’s,RPG3,RPP,RP4,RPI,DLEB,DLHB,CSPB…) .
•Extension and reconfiguration of TRAU (TRC).
•Configuration of PCU and NSVCI for GPRS and Gb over IP.
•Create CSR with E/// & follow up, troubleshooting the problem etc.
•RBS Re-homing and BSC re-parenting using OSS, CNA,WINFIOL .
•Expansions and swap of Signaling links C7,ATER’s,A-interfaces for RBSC/TRC and MSC.
•Transformation (RAL TO RBL or RTB) change RPG from C7 to TRH and vice versa.
•Data transcript (DT) for Cells Integrations, and TRU Expansion.
•Ericsson RBS 2000 and RBS6000 integration, troubleshooting & Fault Management.
•Remote support to RBS fault and new SW upgrade for RBS.
•Technical support for testers on field to solve RBS problems.
•Drop and de-drop of sites.
•Work order execution from departments ( RF, BSS Eng, Implementation..).
•Good Knowledge on Radio Network features & Radio Network Parameters.
•Diagnose faults for abnormal sites behavior (ex: failed handovers, interference, drop calls).
•Activation of Statistics counters and Features on BSC, and monitoring Network KPI’s.
•Increasing of Sizes alterations.
•Collection of STS files from APG40 and using SMIA (OSS Tool).
•Follow and solve Trouble Tickets (TT) Operations.
•Implementation of new frequency plans.
•Define and modify neighboring relations.
•Health check daily & weekly for BSC's.

•Good experience of using OSS tools ALV, ALB, ASM, CHA, OPS, EMAM, BSM, CNA, and SMO.


This post has expired! It was posted more than 304 days ago.